Good news for women on boards at CRH in Ireland

  • Jackie Jones, National Coordinator of UK and Ireland with Nicky Hartery, Chaiman of CRH at the AGM in Dublin. Photo credit: © Jackie Jones

(07.05.2015) EWSDGE welcomes the announcement that the 25 per cent target of women on the Cement Road Holding (CRH) Board will be met with the appointments at its 2015 AGM (a jump from 17 per cent from 2014). This includes one executive officer and several non-executives directors. This means CRH is ahead of the game of many similarly situated companies listed on the EURO STOXX 50 and is to be congratulated for this progress. However, to ensure CHR stays ahead of the game, Professor Jackie Jones, UK and Ireland Coordinator, will be asking the Chairman of CRH two questions:

  • Concerning plans for executive posts and how these posts will be incorporated into any new targets; and
  • What is being done to progress women up the pipeline (in the equality/diversity sense) to ensure there are individuals ready and appointable at all levels of management, especially senior levels. (For example, the use of specialist recruitment firms that search out women with specialist knowledge of the industry, or special training within the company fast-tracking women for higher management roles.)

Professor Jones said, “this is a good news story for an industry that is not traditionally seen as women-centred. 25 per cent female representation on the board is very good compared to other EURO STOXX companies. But of course, more can always be done. We welcome CRH’s commitment and look forward to hearing their future plans for further increasing the representation of women on their Board.”


Initiated by the German Women Lawyers Association (djb), the project “European Women Shareholders Demand Gender Equality” was awarded a grant in 2014 by the European Commission (together with 16 other European projects) under the PROGRESS program. It is co-funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), the Ministry for Justice and Equality of Saxony-Anhalt and the Finland Chamber of Commerce.

The project partners include, along with the djb, the four women lawyers organizations, European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA), EWLA Bulgaria, Association Française des femmes juristes, (AFFJ), Hungarian Women (Advocate) Lawyers Association, the Finland Chamber of Commerce and the University of West of England. The Ministry for Justice and Gender Equality of Saxony-Anhalt is hosting the closure event and the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences is responsible for evaluation.

The project connects with the German project “Women shareholders demand equality – Increase the number of women in management positions, especially on Supervisory Boards of German listed companies”, funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and continues throughout Europe. In the course of the German project from 2009 to 2013 djb members as well as other shareholders have attended 300 annual general meetings of listed companies exercising their information right. The answers from the Supervisory and Executive boards to all questions on women in management position in the companies have been analysed and published in four studies.

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