European Women Lawyers Association Network with European Parliamentarians

(29.09.2015) European Parliament, BRUSSELS: Today EWLA (board) members will discuss targeted European initiatives for women with European Parliamentarians at a networking breakfast.

„EWLA is the voice of Women Lawyers across Europe“, stated Jackie Jones, President of EWLA. “We use the opportunity to convince European Parliamentarians that we need more actions that support women across Europe.“

EWLA criticised the withdrawal of the proposed Maternity Leave Directive. EWLA demands European legislation on equal pay and considers it necessary to integrate gender into the strategy Europe 2020.

EWLA and national women lawyers associations from Germany, France, Hungary and Bulgaria received funding from the European Commission to implement the project “European Women Shareholders Demand Gender Equality” (EWSDGE). In the first half of 2015 women lawyers visited more than 100 AGMs in 11 EU Member States and submitted questions related to women in decision making position in companies.

“The reaction of the boards was mixed,“ stated Prof. Dr. Angela Kolb, Minister for Justice and Equality of Saxony-Anhalt, EWSDGE project partner. “Some are convinced that a strategy is needed. However, there are still some who openly opposed the idea of gender equality.“

EWLA lobbies for women’s rights by drafting opinions and legislation, participating in conferences, holding annual EWLA conferences. Website:

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Photo credit: © EWSDGE project office