Originality of Women in Management. Wisdom, effectiveness, passion – Bled, Slovenia

  • From left to right: Ms. Natalie C. Postružnik, Ms. Miruna Bucurescu, Ms. Liga Veca, Ms. Giulia Fedele, Ms. Boriana Manolova. Photo credit: ©

(09.06.2015) Women managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and experts where brought together in Bled, Slovenia, by the Managers´ Association of Slovenia and Planet GV, one of the leading Slovenian company for business and legal training. Within the Include.All Forum, the participants shared their experience on inclusive leadership, presenting several best practices cases all over Europe. Mirella Visser, from the Center for Inclusive Leadership outlined the whys and hows to promoting women to leading positions. Giulia Fedele, Afaemme, presented: “Results of Women in Middle Management in Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain and UK”. Liga Veca, Society Integration Foundation, Latvia, spoke about the “TOOL to promote economic competitiveness AND equality VALUE”. Boriana Manolova, CEO Siemens Bulgaria, informed on the “Council of women in business in Bulgaria”. Last but not least, Natalie C. Postružnik presented the Model 6 developed by the Managers´ Association of Slovenia, a model that will help business, leaders and managers, in reducing gender gap within the business organizations. The Model 6 Vključi.Vse consists of 6 measures: Recruitment and Promotions, Career Sponsorship, Educational Programs for Women Managers, Performance Management, Career Mentorship, Target Share of Women on Top Positions.

All the projects that have been invited are part of the PROGRESS programme funded by the European Commission. In this context, the “European Women Shareholders Demand Gender Equality” project was also asked to outline a brief overview of our action of shareholder activism throughout Europe and report on the first results and impressions from the visits of annual general meetings.

This event represented an inspiring opportunity to network with all other projects and initiatives that aim at promoting gender equality in leadership positions.