Invitation: EWSDGE Final Conference


11th of February 2016, Brussels

The European Women Shareholders Demand Gender Equality (EWSDGE) project is about gender balanced leadership, gender equality, and fairness in corporate boards. Where are all the women?

The low percentage of women in decision making positions in Europe is alarming. The decision-making bodies of European listed companies are still dominated by men and men only. At mid-management, female representation is extremely low. It is also the key leakage point along the pipeline. We need to do something about this – now.

In order to progress corporate policies (and to inspire corporate culture change), we took practical steps in 12 EU Member States by visiting more than 100 Annual General Meetings of the highest turnover companies from January to September 2015. We demanded to know how the company would improve the percentage of women in decision-making positions faster and more effectively.

We will discuss the amazing and surprising results of our activities at the conference. What should be the next steps for action? Do the results confirm the need for the implementation of European and/or national legislation with regard to women in decision making positions?

Join us at our final conference and get involved at our country tables prepared and hosted by the national coordinators who will discuss results from the project for each country.

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