Forum tables


The BENELUX Experience: Setting the scene – lessons learnt from the AGM’s visits – perspectives

Moderation: Myriam VAN VARENBERGH, EWSDGE National Coordinator BENELUX


  • Virginie ISSUMO, Luxemburg
  • Marianne EISMA, the Netherlands
  • Nora KUIJPER, Programme Leader Top Women Database, Netherlands
  • Nicole ANDERSSON, President Best.Women Denmark
  • Vaida TUCKETE, Member of the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Amsterdam, HR Business Partner Bioventus
  • Pascale VAN DAMME, Managing Director DELL Belu


The Bulgarian Experience: Still a long road ahead to achieve gender equality in companies

Moderation: Svetlana GANEVA, EWSDGE National Coordinator Bulgaria

Speaker: Genoveva TISHEVA, Chairperson of the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation


The Finnish Experience: Tools for promoting women business leaders: mentoring programs, suggestions for employers, suggestions for women

Moderation/speaker: Leena LINNAINMAA, EWSDGE National Coordinator Finland


The French Experience: The influence of women in leadership positions to achieve gender equality in companies. Women have entered Boards. Did they directly or indirectly influence the career of female employees? Trans-sectoral view (regarding politics, economy, law and social affairs).

Moderation: Nathalie LEROY, Sylvia CLEFF LE DIVELLEC, EWSDGE National Coordinators France


  • Marie Jo ZIMMERMANN, French deputy, member of the Legal Committee of the Assemblée Nationale
  • Brigitte LONGUET, President FFFA
  • Carole XUEREF, Secretary General ESILOR
  • Mathilde TABARY, Director Social Development and Diversity Carrefour
  • Muriel MORIN, HR Director ENGIE


The German Experience: What can NGOs do for promoting gender balanced leadership? What can politicians do for promoting gender balanced leadership?

Moderation: Birgit KERSTEN, EWSDGE National Coordinator Germany


  • Ramona PISAL, djb President
  • Prof. Dr. Angela KOLB-JANSSEN, Ministry for Justice and Equality of Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg
  • Teresa FRAGOSO, political advisor for Gender Equality Policies to the Portuguese Secretary of State for Citizenship
  • Tarja KREHIC, President Croatian Association Women in Legal Profession, Zagreb
  • Natalia GOLOSNOVA, President of Women Lawyers Association, Ekaterinbur


The Hungarian Experience: To regulate or not to regulate? To Promote Gender Diversity in the Company Boards. Foreseeing the effects of regulation to achieve a Balanced Women Representation on Company Boards. Are women needed on Company Boards?

Moderation: Dr. Katalin PRANDLER, EWSDGE National Coordinator Hungary


  • Beata JUVANCZ, Morgan and Stanley
  • Krisztina VATTAY, Hungarian National Asset Management Inc.
  • Beata NAGY, Professor at Corvinus University (Gender Research)

IRELAND / UK          

The British / Irish Experience: What can the European Parliament do? What can we learn from Non-EU Member States?

Moderation: Prof. Jackie JONES, EWSDGE national coordinator UK & Ireland


  • Terry REINTKE, MEP
  • Melsa ARARAT, Independent Women Directors, Turkey


The Italian Experience: What do we intend for gender diversity policies? Let’s clarify the meaning of such concept in order to identify the possible instruments that could be used to implement it at different levels (i.e. governmental, legislative, companies, social levels, etc.)

Moderation: Antonia VERNA, EWSDGE National Coordinator Italy


  • Lorena MARCIANO, Senior Corporate Legal Counsel at Cisco – IAPP European Advisory Board Member
  • Virginia LOMBARDO, Senior Legal Counsel EMEA, CommScope Connectivity Belgium BVBA
  • Giulia BARBUCCI, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee


The Spanish Experience: Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity

  • Transposition of the CSR Directive in Spain

Moderation: Katharina MILLER, EWSDGE National Coordinator Spain

Speakers, Representatives of visited IBEX 35 companies:

  • Julian MARTÍNEZ-SIMANCAS SANCHEZ, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Iberdrola
  • Eva CHAMIZO, Director of the Iberdrola Brussels Office
  • Santiago MARTÍNEZ-LAGE SOBREDO, Inditex
  • María Luisa DE CONTES, General Secretary, Renault
  • Marta JIMENO, Head of Compensation & Benefits, Global Mobility and Diversity at Gamesa


  • Javier Martín CAVANNA, Director Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia
  • Paloma DEL VAL, Vice-president Asociación Española de Ejecutivas y Consejeras
  • Helena ANCOS, Academic and CSR Consultant. Lecturer in International Private Law

Governmental representatives:

  • Carmen CASERO, General Director at Ministry of Employment , Dirección General del Trabajo Autónomo, Economía Social y Responsabilidad Social Corporativa
  • Elvira RODRÍGUEZ, President of CNMV